The specialist-volunteers of Conscientiology operate in different segments of research and areas of expertise.

Professional expertise in -

  • Arts: designers, photographers, filmmakers.
  • Business: administrators, businessmen, entrepreneurs.
  • Communication: journalists, publicists, editors, reporters.
  • Education: teachers, educators, school principals.
  • Environment: biologists, environmentalists, geographers.
  • Health: physicists, psychologists, nurses, physical therapists, pharmacists, nutritionists, dentists, audiologists.
  • Languages: linguists, translators, writers.
  • Social: social workers, anthropologists, sociologists, economists, lawyers, historians.
  • Technology: computer science, engineers, web designers.
  • Urban design: engineers, architects, town planners.

Specialization in volunteering:

  • Specialists in membership, selection, training, coaching, motivating and managing networks of people interested in performing volunteer work.

Conscientiology Specialization in -

  • Children: pedagogues and educators specialized in children with relation to education on ecology, economy, parapsychic and evolutionary intelligence.
  • Coexistence with Nature: biologists and ecologists dedicated to teaching environmental awareness, a sense of preservation of nature and healthy convivality with flora and fauna (Bioconvivium).
  • Construction of Cognopolis – City of Knowledge: architects, engineers and entrepreneurs in the reurbanization and construction of spaces for culture, science and knowledge (Reurbanology).
  • Consciousness Therapy: physicists, psychologists and occupational healthcare specialists, experts in techniques for the treatment and prevention of consciential disorders (Conscientiotherapy).
  • Conscientiocentric Institutions: managers, administrators and entrepreneurs in Conscientiological organizations dedicated to leadership training and management of volunteers (Conscientiocentrology).
  • Cosmo-analysis: researchers specialized in the use of periodicals (newspapers, magazines, websites) as sources of scientific research, teaching materials for courses and the development of critical thinking in readers of all ages (Cosmogram).
  • Cosmoethics: experienced instructors in the training of human skills based on the universal ethic (Cosmoethics).
  • Dictionaries: lexicographers, specialists in documentary research and construction of dictionaries (Lexicology).
  • Encyclopedism: encyclopedists, experts in the different stages of production of intellectual and technical writing of encyclopedias (Encyclopedism).
  • Evaluation of Consciousness: testers and tools to measure and assess the profiles, qualities and characteristics of consciousness (Conscientiometry).
  • Evolutionary Experiments: experts in technical workshops, group dynamics and self-research laboratories, for personal evolution and development of parapsychic abilities (Experimentology).
  • Exhibitions: curators, librarians and specialists in organizing and promoting cultural exhibits of various artifacts of knowledge: books, coins, comics, stamps, shells and hundreds of others (Holothecology).
  • Extrasensory Perception: sensitives dedicated to teaching and to the lucid, scientific and rational development of extrasensory perceptions and use of bioenergy for assistance to consciousnesses (Parapsychism).
  • Heterocritique of a Useful Work: teachers and debaters skilled in teaching critical reading, with the purpose of educating readers about a keen critical sense (Bibliophile).
  • Human Inversion: specialist teachers in planning and implementing the life project since youth in order to maximize the assistantial results in a collective environment (Existential Inversion).
  • Imagery Exam: teachers specialized in the development of creativity, imagination, attention, memory, logical reasoning, association of ideas and other cognitive skills (Imagery).
  • Life Project: expert teachers in counseling individuals and groups of students who seek to define their life project (Existential Programming).
  • Out-of-body experience: specialist instructors in teaching techniques to predispose projections of the consciousness or out-of-body experiences to interested students (Projectiology).
  • Past Lives: teachers specialized in biographical research and identification of personalities in past lives and the comparative study of these personalities in their current lives (Seriexology).
  • Personal Energetic Task: experts in parapsychic techniques of energy emission in order to provide assistance to people at a distance (Penta).
  • Publication of Books: publishers, authors, reviewers, translators, visual designers, cover page designers and other specialists in the production of books and publishing.
  • Teacher training: veteran teachers – specialists in training other teachers, especially on teaching didactics, public speaking and assistantial postures regarding students (Education / Teaching).
  • Technical Proverbs: writers specialized in writing techniques, stylistic content and high impact arguments, leading readers to think critically (Paremiology).
  • Third Age: professionals from various areas dedicated to the promotion of integral health in the third and fourth ages (Longevology).
  • Universal Rights: experts in education and development through means of promoting universal rights (Paralaw).
  • Writing Books: authors, writers, editors and experts in the writing of books, anthologies, textbooks, biographies, and instructional materials (Authorship).

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