Intercons is a nonprofit organization that seeks to promote the international exchange of conscientiology volunteers abroad, especially to countries in Africa.

We are a transnational, assistantial, universal, politically non-partisan, scientific, educational and cultural organization based on the science of Conscientiology and the Consciential Paradigm.

Our mission is to promote, through international exchanges, the connection between the expertise of Conscientiology’s specialist-volunteers and the assistantial demands that exist in different countries.

We aim to serve organizations, universities, research centers, study groups, events and people interested in deepening their understanding of the science of Conscientiology and the rational research of consciousness.

We are driven by the efforts of volunteers, men and women, teachers, authors, independent researchers and professionals from different areas, motivated to perform tasks of international assistance.

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How can we help you ?

Volunteering. By promoting the exchange of conscientiology volunteers, experts in various fields, based on the needs of your organization.

Activities. By facilitating in the realization of scientific, cultural and educational events such as courses, lectures, debates, workshops, seminars, conferences, technical tours, dynamics, workshops and consultations in various countries.

Publications. By promoting the free distribution of books, e-books and research materials on Conscientiology to libraries and research centers around the world.

Opportunities. By creating opportunities for international exchanges between organizations and volunteers.

Consulting. By providing advice and orientations regarding the scientific exchanges and international travel.

Organizations. By contributing to the creation of new Conscientiological organizations in other countries, especially in the African continent.

African trees and sunset

What are our principles ?

Cosmoethics. Our behavior and international relations are based on more advanced, cosmic ethics (cosmoethics).

Secularism. We are a lay organization. We do not promote religious, mystical or dogmatic activities. We also do not take partisan-political actions.

Donations. We are financially supported by donations from individuals and corporations.

Clarification. Our international assistance is based on the clarification task.

Volunteering. We are driven by the efforts of Conscientiology volunteers.

Universalism. We are universalists. We make no distinction or discrimination of any kind. We do not limit our work to ethnicity, color, gender, sexual orientation, social, cultural or consciential status, political or religious conviction.


African trees and sunset


Conscientiology is the science of consciousness, also known as ego, soul, spirit, essence, self, individuality, personality, person, being or subject. You, me, and we are all a highly complex consciousness. Animals, plants and all creatures that exist in the Universe … Read More


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The specialist-volunteers of Conscientiology operate in different segments of research and areas of expertise. Professional expertise in – Arts: designers, photographers, filmmakers. Business: administrators, businessmen, entrepreneurs. Communication: journalists, publicists, editors, reporters. Education: teachers, educators, school principals. Environment: biologists, environmentalists, geographers. Health: physicists, psychologists, nurses, physical therapists, … Read More